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About Us

Pondella Bingo is the home of the BIGGEST & BEST LIGHTNING BINGO in Southwest Florida! We are open 7 days & 7 nights a week. We have a full service Snack Bar, LARGE GLASS ENCLOSED NO-SMOKING ROOM, & Security on site (evenings only).

Matinee Bingo is played every Wednesday thru Sunday, with doors opening @ 9 A.M. & Bingo starting @ 11:30 A.M. with at least 6 $250 Jackpots!!!

Evening Bingo is played every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. Session starts @ 6:30 P.M. with at least 12 $250 Jackpots!!!

We are open for machine play only (no Bingo session) Monday & Tuesday morning (Matinee), & Tuesday evening.

We offer a wide variety of Video Skill Machines paying out in “Bingo Bucks”, as well as the NEW & EXCITING “HURRICANE BONANZA BINGO” machines that PAYOUT CASH!!!

Checkout our:
PROGRAMS PAGE for a complete listing of all our programs, including 21 JACKPOTS on Friday night!

EVENTS PAGE for a listing of upcoming events!

COUPON PAGE for what else but COUPONS!


Be sure to call & find out all the details about our STINGERS JACKPOT PAYING OUT HUNDREDS, EVEN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS CASH!!!
(Stingers is a Pull-tab game, that under Florida’s new Pull-tab/Bingo statute can payout more than $250)


Thanks for visiting We hope to see you soon!

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